About Us

An eventful year has end. The mission also passing with some ups and downs but it still erect strongly and serve colorfully. It’s great to say that the responses come from all over the west Bengal. Most of the District extend their hands to become a great place to read and their expectation also high up. We thank al might power full Allah   for this. There was a huge support from the backward muslim community which help us as an encouragement also we are promise to fulfill their dream. We have a lots of good things to do for our backward Muslim brothers and sister. Rahamat E Alam mission also have a special classes for the meritorious student. the students who appeared in class 12 get a special class for the Medical Engineering for their WBJEE preparation. Also provide computer classes from class V – X. we also organize self help program for the women of the backward category. We strongly believe that every students need a proper guidance for their development. 

Method Teaching:

It’s a Bengali medium residential institute. All examination  is occurred under west Bengal board of secondary Education. There was also three terminal examinations in a year. Every room has a teacher. The ratio of student and teacher is 10:1 and often seminar are organized for the spiritual movement. There was also a well established library for the student. computer  is essential for every student from class v to onwards .

The children from the backward Muslim community are different now

  • They are enjoying the learning environment rather than playing in the dusty unhygienic environments in the village paths. Through Namaz, Library, exposure visit and games the children get the taste of a new life.
  • Cleanliness is maintained by the attending children.
  • Parents consult with teachers on the progress of their children and are always eager to seek their counsel as and when their children need to be taken to our mission.
  • Altogether 1173 nos. of students have been enrolled in the Academic Year 2011 from different backward pockets of West Bengal which is a small ray of hope to us.


Dreams of a less-fortunate turns into reality

       Samiul Gazi student of Rahmat-E-Alam Mission from an extreme poverty-stricken family of a remote and backward village of West Bengal viz. Malangapara.his father was passed away in his childhood. His father, Late Nur Islam Gazi left nothing for them, except a mud house. Rubia Bibi, the ill-fated mother of Samiul turned into a puzzle. How will she maintain her family? Who will take care of her beloved son? How will he carry on his study?