Message from the Desk of Secretary

Ours is the Rahmat-E-Alam Mission and the purpose is to enrich the Muslim Community in the field of education. This Mission started its pace with 107 students from Class-V up to Class-VIII in 2005. But at present (in the Academic Year 2012) the total sum of our Mission family is 1,080 which have been succeeded in collaboration with God-rolling Rahmat and yours, in attempting the present-age-temper education through enlightening much more number of students. This Mission has inaugurated an isolated campus for Girls Section from Class-V to XII with 371 students (both for Arts and Science) besides 709 students from Boys Section from Class-V to XII (both fro Arts and Science). This Mission has arranged the study-rooms and laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology practical. Besides, this Mission has arranged Computer Education and Spoken English course, and supplied the pure Arsenic-free drinking water through the Water Treatment Plant. All these are for the better purpose of the students. Alhaz Mustak Hossain Sahib, the God-father and pioneer of every Mission, has stretched his helping hand for the further development of this institution from the beginning to till date. Jb. Nurul Haque Sahib (IAS), the Chief Mentor of G.D. Monitoring Committee is also providing us extra Oxygen through his valuable counsel.
This Mission helps the poor and meritorious students. At present 54 students are pursuing their studies with free of cost and 551 students at a nominal expense. This Mission has built a ‘Poor-Fund’ in order to help the poor students. Hence we need your help through various ways for the better sake of this institution.

(Sirajul Islam)
Rahmat-E-Alam Educational & Welfare Trust